What if A24 had a motion behavior? The purpose of A24 is to produce films from directors with a specific point of view on cinema, a new perspective. This was the insight we choose to develop this motion identity. We navigate into the director's perspective thanks to this 3D space.
With Frans Hulet & Danielle D'onofrio
It is an "Almost Silent Movies" festival. A festival in Barcelona where we would screen old silent movies (Metropolis, Modern Times, Nosferatu,...) and also modern movies with barely any dialogues (A Ghost Story, Elephant,...). We called it the ShhFilmFestival. Our approach simply represents growth and volume translated into images and typography. A combination of type and 3 ways of treating images (stretching,story-based, frames) creates timeless options for designing content and a graphic system.
With Frans Hulet
Scientists of nutrition and food technologies are on a continuous quest for new edible components that can help us maintain or improve our health and well being. Fooon is such a new beginning. Snacks enriched with vitamins and minerals, complete enough to give you the necessary daily support for body and mind. Using space food technologies such as freeze drying and building on the awareness of the importance of nutrition for our health, Fooon is on the market with a brand new story and straightforward communication.
→ fooon.myportfolio.com
Breaking Through The Lens
'Breaking Through The Lens' curates a small selection of the highest-quality feature films directed by women, projects that are already far along in development, and gives them the opportunity to pitch in front of top-tier financiers. 
The floor, is yours the art is ours
Floorish is a 30 year old flooring company, with a wealth of experience and portfolio work for home and workspace applications. After several relocations, the company found its place in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), under the management of Claire Buchanan. However, Claire had also reached a point where, in order to meet her ambitious targets for the future, Carpets West (before) it would need to clarify its offer and strengthen its brand. In response to the above, Me and my team developed a new brand strategy that echoes the friendliness and adaptability of the service. The output is a proposal for a new name and a set of guidelines for the redesigning of each specific component of the new identity.
No time to waste!
Technology has evolved to offer convenience in almost everything we do. Once we sent a homing pigeon for a message we now send in less than a second by pressing a button. This addiction to convenience led us to more clothes, more books, more toys, more electronics, more of everything… and a huge pile of waste. Byewaste is a fresh contemporary concept of recycling and reusing that gives you no reason to dispose of things as “waste”.
‘STAGE 21’ is a Graphic Design year 2 student exhibition, encompassing and dealing with different perspectives of what a spectacle in the 21st century could be.
Phoam the 3D dreaming tool
Phoam, the 3D Dreaming tool is a product (a spray can, a user guide and a publication “Fiction seen as nature”) and a method of creating concepts by looking at the unexpected shapes the foam generates, and discovering their possible mutations into design artwork. An innovative way for designers and other creative people to kick start their brainstorm.
Reclaim The Streets
The 3sec.gallery and De Affiche Galerij each year challenge first-year students of Dutch art academies to recapture their street with their own message. My message is the above: In our everyday life we follow the same paths over and over again to work/to visit without realising that these paths shape our life like this sketch of a sad, discontent face.  No matter if it’s for fun or for health or for money or out of respect, it is the repetition  day after day week after week month after month year after year that eventually brings us down. The dots I used as destinations or stops for the “ordinary paths” are actually pills because they are the usual remedy. For most people the word ordinary signifies comfort. I tried to show that it is also a danger.
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
I designed a conceptual publication of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson because it seemed to me that a strong story like this would lend itself to an impressive typographic design both for the cover and the layout. 
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