Raval Es Real
As a stranger in Barcelona, you quickly hear people telling you: "Don't go to Raval", "It's dangerous"; "This neighborhood is disgusting",... But in fact, it's the culturally richest and most authentic one. It's real. Together with Frans Hulet​​​​​​​ & Alfonso Siniscalchi​​​​​​​, we wanted to remind and show the inhabitants how great their neighborhood is. So, we made this mirror installation in the streets of Raval where you could read statements about this neighborhood.
With Frans Hulet & Alfonso Siniscalchi
I will do it later
Poster Exhibition
Typeface Workshop at Elisava School of Design and Engineering with Mark Bohle.
The Scapegoat
Conceptual editorial for the short story 'The Lottery' by Shirley Jackson. Brief by Mark Bohle
I designed this font by hijacking one of the most famous products of Swiss type design, Helvetica. The typeface is so popular and for so many years that it became a fact of life, much like the forests, the mountains, the rivers we take for granted.  My font is a version of blackletters with a more romantic context. The multiple lines like arranging flowers in a vase and this arrangements created new wave-like shapes. To me is like picking from the wild and creating a new architecture. 
Que reste-t-il
Listening to my father's new album my young mind travels to both a Greek and French environment. A surrealistic approach of french mature wine that transforms to the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. A story that plays with the metaphor of music and pleasure. In other words... summer wine.
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