Floorish - 2020

Floorish is a 30 year old flooring company, with a wealth of experience and portfolio work for home and workspace applications. After several relocations, the company found its place in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), under the management of Claire Buchanan, a knowledgeable and devoted owner. For the past 11 years she has constantly upgraded products and services, and focuses on her clients’ satisfaction by providing each and every one of them with the best available solutions. 
However Claire had also reached a point where, in order to meet her ambitious targets for the future, Carpets West (before)  would need to clarify its offer and strengthen its brand. In response to the above, we developed a new brand strategy that echoes the friendliness and adaptability of the service. The output is a proposal for a new name and a set of guidelines for the redesigning of each specific component of the new identity.
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