I’m Melina Papadioti (born in 1998) a Designer/Artist from Greece. I hold a BA in Graphic Design from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam including an exchange program at Otis College of Art&Design in Los Angeles and a MA in Visual Design from Elisava University School of Design & Engineering. 

Contact: melinapapadioti@icloud.com

Designing with a Purpose-Driven Philosophy
1. I aim to be a designer that helps build brands for a sustainable, eco-friendly, and equal society through impactful design and consultation.

2. I believe it's my professional duty to question and challenge empty claims and provide brands with substance and value instead.

3. I prioritize consulting before design to guide and lead brands towards a better future by listening to societal changes.

4. The past 3 years we have seen major societal crises that have changed people's attitudes and business perspectives, and I want to be there to support them with effective communication and design.

5. Design magic happens at the intersection of rationality and irrationality, and I aim to inform and inspire experiences with art, poetry, punk, quirkiness, beauty, philosophy, culture, pop culture or whatever else that can create what is more immersive. 

6. Purpose is intrinsic and I continuously question the status quo.

7. I help clients clarify their brand essence, create a clear purpose, and develop a strong market positioning through interactive sessions and research.

8. Collaboration with experts is crucial to bring value to a design project.

9. I value transparency and strive to always be true to myself, clients, and partners, leaving egos and hidden agendas behind.

10. Transparency requires humility, the ability to listen and learn, and the willingness to see things from different perspectives, leading to more meaningful relationships.
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