The world of design as I see it
I’m Melina Papadioti (1998) a Designer/Artist from Greece. I have a BA in Graphic Design from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam combined with an exchange program at Otis College of Art&Design in Los Angeles and a MA in Visual Design from Elisava University School of Design & Engineering. 
While in every design field -digital or analog, publication or promotional- some strategic thinking is involved, in branding strategy is king. In fact, I see the creation of a brand as a fully visualized communication strategy at the very start (or restart) of a lifecycle. The branding process -the further development and maturing of the brand as it attracts recognition and loyalty from the public- also seems to me as a visual guide to good marketing. There must be a sound reason for everything you do, every step of the way, that’s probably why I prefer it to other disciplines of design. 


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