Stage 21: Exhibition - 2018
Identity with Valentina Calvar

‘STAGE 21’ is a Graphic Design year 2 student exhibition, encompassing and dealing with different perspectives of what a spectacle in the 21st century could be.
The name (STAGE 21) emerges from a multitude of particles/cubes (shows, persons, institutions, media and other "spectacular" contemporary events) - it consists of a typographic clear upper part and an obscure lower part - colors: B/W or white against any background color.
The name refers directly to the Society of the Spectacle where economy and social interactions are pictured as a "staged" spectacle that hides (or harms) real life and human values. The cubes are clean-cut, multi-faceted objects, more industrial than organic (they usually have a front view -one or more sides- and a less visible back view). Cubes are also a reference to Flusser's particles forming a surface (images, simulations). The whole composition points to a revealed/hidden truth.
No words could possibly express how happy I was when NH Media sponsored and broadcasted my advertisement for 2 days in Rotterdam city center. Thank you
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